Mail order cases are simple!

Call today and ask for Brian at (800) 445-5941. He will send you plastic, padded case boxes with pre-printed address labels. Simply drop them in with your regular mail. Your case will be returned at no charge by tracked, UPS ground service to meet your delivery date. No stress, no hassles. Please allow 4 working days in the lab.

Send models of the upper and lower, a bite registration, and your Rx form to:

O'Brien Dental Lab
4311 SW Research Way
Corvallis, OR 97333

Daily pickup and delivery service areas

For doctors in our vicinity, we offer free, daily pickup and delivery to your door! With a multitude of different routes we cover Southern Washington and the greater Portland metro area to the north and locales as far south as Eugene and west to some coastal regions. Our network of customer representatives is only a phone call away. Please call us for information regarding your specific location. Please allow 4 working days in the lab.

Thermo-Splint RXClick here for Thermo-Splint RX form.